Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year, a new resolution

I don't suppose the word resolution is found anywhere in the bible. At least I cannot find it. Resolve is used in one parable in Luke, where an unfaithful steward is striving to correct his wrongs. But to suggest that making a resolution is wrong would be quite incorrect. The word itself is an encouraging word. It simply means, "determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure."
We should all make resolutions. Every time we sin, it should already be resolved that we will repent and correct the errors of our way. Each time we have opportunity to do our neighbor good, it should already be resolved that we will not try to take honor to ourselves, but that we will give glory to God, from whom all good things flow.
I think also, it is good to set personal resolutions, and work toward them. A man never hits a target unless he aims at it. A resolution is like a fellow taking aim at a bulls eye and pulling the trigger on his gun. He may miss the bulls eye, but now he can see where his correction needs to be, and he can take aim again, and again until he finally achieves his goal.
Be careful that foolish resolutions do not make you look foolish. If you resolve to go to the moon this year, I am afraid you may be sorely displeased at the end of the year. Set realistic, God honoring goals that will not just help you, but be a blessing to all those around you as well.
I know one person resolved to lose 25 pounds. That is good not only for him, but for his family, who will benefit by having a healthy husband and father, his company will benefit, by not having a sluggish employee. So even small resolutions have big implications.
Think through today, what you can resolve to do that will better aid you in achieving godly goals for the future, and push toward them with fervor.
Remember, if you never aim at the target, don't expect to hit the bulls eye...ever!


Anna Michael said...

Thank you for this perfect reminder. You're right, we always have an aim at something, but what is it? Very good and a very good encouragement to always stay faithful and on the right path!

Pastor Josh said...

Well said, thanks for the reminder.