Friday, July 17, 2009

Be a Man

Amazing how we spend hours in a day on wasted things. If I could recapture all my wasted minutes and hours over the past year, what might I have accomplished for Christ? Since I cannot go back and recapture those minutes, let me live each minute today for the Glory of God. I pray that each reading this will own up to the fact we play too much. We are too concerned with popularity, too concerned with acceptance, too concerned with pleasures.
When will the Bible become a passion? When we are too old to play? When our friends have gone on to other ventures? May God forgive us for foolishness.
The other night at church a gentleman asked me, "Why do you seem so sober?" Oh, how that broke my heart. Have I been so trite, so lighthearted that I appear to never seem sober? Has my lifestyle been such that there are no sober moments that men have seen?
I was about to step into the pulpit and preach, I should have been sober. Men's souls were hanging in the balance, believers were about to hear from the Word of God, soberness must be my condition.
Paul Washer must be commended on this video, as he calls us to quit being little girls, and become men. Watch the video and ask, "Am I a man concerning the things of the Lord?"