Friday, March 2, 2012

Regeneration at Lagrange

Our congregation engages in outreaches throughout the year. This year our first group outreach will be at the Lagrange College site in Colbert County Alabama. This site is where the West Point of the south was located during the Civil War. It was burned by Union Troops. There will be several thousand visitors pouring through the various displays of old dusty relics, time period demonstrations, all the while lectures about various events that took place on the mountain are being given.
Our goal is first to Glorify God while there. Secondly, we hope to distribute time period literature. Some of the literature was written during the 1860's and distributed among the troops. Gospel tracts were widely read by the soldiers looking for comfort and assurance.
As well we are planning on preaching all through the day, actual sermons dated in the civil war as well. Some are strong on regeneration, others are directed toward holy living. All in all we hope God saves souls through our efforts, but again, that He is ultimately glorified.
There is no question that lots of time and planning goes into these events, and without my wife's diligent efforts, it would never come together. Her organizing results in me NOT agonizing. Our members are pooling all their "folk" talents and planning on displaying various things like tatting, blacksmithing, quilting, homestead displays, gun smithing and much more. All the while, intertwining a gospel witness and tract distribution.
The good folks at Lagrange are pleased we are participating, and glad to be part of our efforts as well. There is no denying that religion was an active part of the Civil war, and to leave it out causes a clear conflict of interest. Our history is intertwined with our religion to a point that leaving one out from the other is like a body without breath.
Join us on the first weekend in May, 2012 at Lagrange!