Saturday, January 29, 2011

Having No pleasure in unrighteousness. Really?

I will ask this in the outset, and then again at the end of this short blog: Do you have pleasure in unrighteousness? Honestly? I bet, like me, you said, “No way!”

Music videos, Hollywood films, graphic novels, soaps and sitcoms all abound with adultery, fornication, murders and the like. When we feast upon those and relish the scenes before us, how can we say we are “like Christ?”

Is our soul “vexed” like righteous lot, or is our passion stirred? When a man’s soul is vexed he is sickened, tormented, troubled with what he sees, and does not like it. Yet we go back to the trough of the world waiting for more slop to be poured in so we can indulge our passions like hungry animals. Waiting for the next episode, the next new song, the next release of the sensual movie. What has happened to our senses, we who say we are of Christ?

Listen to Paul as he warns about those who are lost; the sign of it is certain: (2Th 2:12) That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now, I ask again, “Do you have pleasure in unrighteousness?” In other words, does it please you to hear the next episode is coming up that is filled with sensual pleasures, the new music video with words that dishonor Christ and His church? Do you want to stand in line to get the first seat at the theater, or purchase that first release CD?

Have no pleasure in unrighteousness.

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politicallife said...

You know i thank you pastor i really liked that, yes i will be honest there are things that are not that christianly that i envole in you know the occation al western or movie that has more than bad language and i thank you sir for your hard work, anyway i love you blog and i love you borther.