Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brand New Beekeeping Basics DVD

Here is our latest release, May 2013. This DVD is chocked full of God honoring information on the Bee. Instead of wading through the evolutionary junk in most DVD's such as this, we go to the heart of the matter: God created the bee, and man is expected to take dominion over it. 

I don't suppose I will get an academy award for this DVD, but we are hoping it helps folks shed their fear and wrong ideas about the honey bee, and that God might be glorified in the process. 

The following is taken from the back of the DVD. 

Have you ever tasted the pure sweetness of locally produced honey, right from the hive? Have you ever wished you could produce your own? Perhaps you are eager to keep honey bees, but are unsure of where to begin...or maybe you are simply interested in learning more about this incredible insect. In either case, Beekeeping Basics will enlighten your understanding of how to keep bees and harvest their honey safely and efficiently. Whether you are new to beekeeping or a veteran of many seasons, we welcome you to join us on this adventure!

Topics covered: The History of the honey bee and its domestication, How to obtain bee equipment, The process of honey extraction from the comb, Pest management and hive care, Medicinal use of honey.

Produced by Garrett Stowe, Hosted by Daniel Michael, with  Anna Michael and Edwin Moore, Cover design by Julia Stowe

DVD Running Time 52min.

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