Saturday, April 27, 2013

Are we being intentionally side tracked?

Most people I know are concerned about their rights as gun owners.

So much has transpired in the past several months that cause people to question the validity of gun ownership. Is it really necessary any more? With our great police departments, a standing army, a federal government that is dedicated to protecting the citizens of this fair land, why do we need to personally own a gun?

While that last question sounds like it has truth sprinkled through it, the honest truth is that it is the very reason we need private gun ownership.

  • Response time for the average police department in America is way too slow to rescue you if someone does a forced entry into your home. 
  • The standing army is under the direct control of the federal government that has time and time again failed to exercise godly justice and protection of the innocent (point in case: abortion).  
  • If the government wants to annihilate babies in the womb who cannot testify against their killers, who is to stop them? Obviously the federal government is not concerned about protecting the innocent. Thus our land is full of innocent blood. 

The first thing gun owners tend to do is to recite the second amendment. No problem with that. But think for just a second what you are quoting. An amendment. How did it get there? The constitution was changed, amended if you will.

Our "right" is codified by the Constitutional Republic, thereby brought under its jurisdiction, the Constitutional Republic therefore can choose to divest its citizens of this "right- something that has been happening for years, bit by bit.

It was in 2008, the month of June, my birth month, when the District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S., the supreme court decided, five to four, that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to own and bear firearms.

What did most of us do? We celebrated!

Hey, the second amendment won! Wooohooo! Now, while I was pleased with that decision, the thing we missed is that we were just a vote away from it going the other way.

Five people decided if an American could own a gun, what kind of gun they could own, and what they were allowed to do with it. They essentially said, "Americans have the right to bear arms, until we decide otherwise."

It reminds me of various denominations voting every year at their annual meetings if the Bible is still the Word of God. Can you imagine: "Hey Bill, you think the Bible is still God's word?" "I don't know Sam, I guess we will have to vote and see!"

So, there we were again, "Hey Justice, do you think folks ought to be allowed to own guns?" "I don't know Chief, lets vote and see how it goes!"

Historically, the right to bear arms in America was there before the government was established. In fact, it was expected. To have food on the table, to protect yourself from wild critters and Indians who may not take kindly to you being here.

Then when America was founded, the framers realized, "Hey, if we don't seal this securely, some despot may try to take a man's gun from him."

As a Christian husband and father, my God given right is to protect my family from injury and harm. Sometimes that might demand serious physical intervention. The state does not sanction my actions to defend my family, God does.

The day God's laws need to be authorized or licensed by the state is the day God becomes subservient to the state.

When the state demands a license to give legality to an action, is the day they can eventually say, "self-defense is not illegal without our sanction."

Jesus gives a simple example, "Luke 11:21  When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:

I believe a man is fully responsible for providing for the Spiritual safety of his family, and to do that, he must feed them and protect them as well. 

A well rounded believer takes all of these responsibilities seriously and wants the best tools available for each of them. 

Be watchful, and don't get side tracked. 

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