Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charismatic Confusion

"The Lord told me___________." Did he? If he did, does it match the Scriptures already given? Already laid down for eternity? Already settled in heaven? Did it add to the Scriptures? Did it nullify a Scripture? Did it cast doubt on the Scripture? Be very, very careful little ones. Many will profess to have "heard" from God. Many who would have difficulty quoting portions of Scripture seem to have the mind of God all wrapped up.

I like what A.W. Tozer said on the matter:

"Some of my friends good-humoredly---and some a little bit severely---have called me a 'mystic.' Well, I'd like to say this about any mysticism I may suppose to have. If an archangel from heaven were to come, and were to start giving me, telling me, teaching me, and giving me instruction, I'd ask him for the text. I'd say, 'Where's it say that in the Bible? I want to know?'
And I would insist that it was according to the Scriptures, because I do not believe in any extra-scriptural teachings, nor any anti-scriptural teachings, or any sub-scriptural teachings. I think we ought to put the emphasis where God puts it, and continue to put it there, and to expound the scriptures, and sty by the scriptures.
I wouldn't---no matter if I saw a light above the light of the sun, I'd keep my mouth shut about it 'til Id checked with Daniel and Revelation and the rest of the scriptures to see if ti had any basis in truth. And if it didn't, I'd think I'd just eaten something I shouldn't and I wouldn't say anything about it. Because I don't believe in anything that is unscriptural or that is anti-scripture."

Wise words for our "sign-hungry" generation. How quickly we forget Matthew 12:39, "...An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign;..."

Pastor Michael


Anna Michael said...

That was a wonderful post! We were just talking about that today... about Joan of Ark and her "Voices." I am so glad you blog such wonderful posts as you do. Thanks for the encouragment. I love you!

Anna Michael said...

By the way... I like your picture! I think that is really neat, and you took it with your camera at Grandmother's... did you not? I love you!

Gospel Preacher said...

Thank you for this post, while I do believe we have brothers among those of the charismatic persuasion, I also believe there are serious flaws in its doctrine which need to be exposed before they become heresy.

Puritan Dilemma said...

Certainly, I do not deny there are brothers among the Charismatics, this is to be sure. But how long will a believer who acknowledges the Word of God as absolutely sufficient remain there? If the growth is slow, it could be a long time. I do not deny it. The problem with sticking a bow on the head of a porcupine is that eventually someone gets pricked. (It usually ends up being me!)Ouch! :))