Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preaching, Muller Style

When one thinks of preaching, George Muller might not be the first on your list. He admitted he was not so grand a preacher. Those who heard him agreed with him. However, one could not escape the fact that it was evident the man had spent time with God. However simple his messages may have been, they appeared to be filled with power from God. His suggestions on preaching is timeless and very profitable for all who desire to preach, or to understand the preacher. So it is good for everyone. Notice the following from his works:

"That which I have found most beneficial in the public ministry of the Word, is expounding the Scriptures." He goes on to explain that "Expounding the Word of God brings little honour to the preacher from the unenlightened or careless hearer, but it tends much to the benefit of the hearers in general. Simplicity of expression, whilst the truth is set forth is of the utmost importance. It should be the aim of the teacher so to speak, that children, servants, and people who cannot read may be able to understand him, so far as the natural mind can comprehend the things of God."

Muller seemed more desirous that everyone under the sound of his voice might hear a clear trumpet call, rather than be impressed with lofty exhortations of grandeur. He was concerned for every hearer, hoping that when they walked away from his messages, they could take truth that was clearly understood.

When we preach today, we should desire to be a vessel meet for the Master's use, "fit to be employed both in the conversion of sinners and in the edification of the saints."


The Fire Scribe said...

Very well spoken. Thank you for this reminder.

Gospel Preacher said...

Sometimes the best messages come from the tamest messenger. George Mueller was not a Wesley-like fireball, but that did not keep him from doing some incredible works for God. Thank you for reminding me that God works through different personalities with equal strength.

Anna Michael said...

It is truly wonderful to be reminded that God is the potter creating all different pieces of pottery, and whether or not we are made a beautiful wall-hanging for the king, or just a spoon for the waif we are all part of God's creation.