Monday, February 16, 2009


It is evident, even to the casual observer that "orthodoxy" or what we believe and "orthopraxy" what we practice, are in conflict today. I have heard numerous people both young and old say, "Well, I believe this or that", about a particular subject, but they live opposite of what they claim. There is a very complicated word for that, one which may take some real understanding for us to grasp, "Hypocrisy". Many today are calling for a combination of the two words by suggesting that to intermingle the words will allow us to live in a way we want, and believe what we want, even if the two worlds collide. A frightening divergence from this is, "Well, it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as we all get along". Again, this is an abandonment of established orthodoxy leaving us with nothing more than a hollow religiosity, that is as empty as the heads of those practicing it. Before long, the Bible will be tossed aside for methods that "produce results". Oh, sorry, that is already being done. The end now justifies the means. It doesn't matter what you do to build the church, just build the church. The more people we have to preach to, the bigger the pond to fish in, the better chance we have of seeing converts. My question would be, "converts to what?" An empty practice, that has no foundation? A religion of mere outward appearances that is like the whitened sepulchers in Jesus' day, that were only full of dead men's bones?Thus, in the spiral downward, reach out and grab hold of truth, orthodoxy that has been the stabilizing factor for as long as God has been giving his word to mankind. Take the Bible as truth, for that is what it is: a non-negotiable set of standards for man.


Amy said...

Great, great points! :)

Puritan Dilemma said...

Thanks Baby girl..

Gospel Preacher said...

We know what the end is for the house built upon the sand, lets stick to the time-tried and proved doctrines of the faith. Storms come to all the difference is what result they leave us in.