Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Submission 101: The class of "living with other humans"

From time to time we are brought to a point of conflict with those around us. Realistically, any time we are in contact with others of the human race, we run the risk of conflict. There are very few, if any, times that I deal with others that I do not find myself, on one level or another, in disagreement with them. It is not that they are fundamentally wrong, or that I have a backwards view of the subject. They may simply like salty, and I like sweet. Or blue is preferable over orange. There are many times we see subjects from different perspectives as well. Politics, automobiles, sports teams, even grocery stores all serve as potential points of conflict. In the local church, we find many areas that differences are equally evident. Whatever the matter may be concerning the church, administration, or even dealing with personalities, we must remember what Jesus told us: He reminded us that even the heathen love those that love them in return. But we are called to love our enemies. So it is with that note, we see it is easy to submit to someone when we are in exact agreement with them. Submission only really becomes full orbed when we disagree with those in authority over us. Then what? Well, this is what true submission really is: Someone saying, “I am in authority, I want it this way, now do it.” Then we do what we are asked. Most people never have trouble with Bible submission until they are asked to do something contrary to what they desire. Let us labor to live peaceable with all men, particularly those of the household of faith. While things may not be just as we would like it in our assembly, most likely our homes and our places of employment, and even our country is not being run exactly as we would choose, but we would never want to leave any of them! Labor therefore in love, one with another!


The Fire Scribe said...

This is encouraging and something that should be presented more. As you pointed out, we have no problem with submission within the church untill it calls for something undesirable. Then we gripe, cause dissention, and leave the church in utter disarray. We forget that "he that is the greatest among you shall be your servant." If this doctrine is carried to the assebly in a part of their lives that reaches beyond the pulpit the saints of God will without a doubt persevere in a grander unity than ever imagined!

Gospel Preacher said...

Thank you Dr. Michael for this, as well as Fire Scribe for your comment. How quickly we forget that Christianity is summed up in loving our neigbors as ourselves.